100 Years Max Näder

People First

Informationen über das Buch
Verlagsauslieferung für den Prof. Hans Georg Näder Verlag durch Mecke Druck und Verlag, Duderstadt
Herausgeber Hans Georg Näder
Format 24 x 32 cm
Seitenumfang 177
Bindeart Magazin, Klebebindung
Weitere Informationen 209 Abbildungen, Redaktion: Ursula Grunau, Maria Hauff, Lothar Milde, Lektorat: LSI Berlin
Erscheinungsort Duderstadt 2015


This magazine was published by Prof. Hans Georg Näder in honour of Dr. Max Näder. Dr. Max Näder (24.6.1915–24.7.2009) is considered a pioneer and driver of technical orthopaedics. Born in Thuringia, Germany, he founded the Orthopädische Industrie KG in Duderstadt in southern Lower Saxony in 1947, at the same time that the main factory of his father-in-law Otto Bock was on the verge of being expropriated in Königsee, Thuringia. This founding was followed by others: Otto Bock Kunststoff GmbH in 1953, and the first foreign branch in Minneapolis (United States) in 1958, marking the start of the company’s global expansion. In 1990, Max Näder handed over management of the company to his son Prof. Hans Georg Näder, under whose leadership the company has grown to become a global medical technology business. Prof. Näder is using the occasion of the centenary of the birth of his father to document Max Näder’s entrepreneurial and private life. All proceeds of this book to benefit the Ottobock Global Foundation. Ottobock Global Foundation: IBAN DE55 1007 0000 0937 0370 00, BIC DEUTDEBBXXX,

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