Grassland in a changing world - Book of Abstract

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Format 17 x 24 cm
Seitenumfang 244
Bindeart Paperback
Informationen 23th General Meeting of the European Grassland Federation Kiel, Germany, August 29th - September 2nd 2010
Erscheinungsort Duderstadt
Erscheinungsjahr 2010


Foreword Grassland is the major resource to sustain the living of about one billion people worldwide. In industrialized Europe, grassland covers some 30 % of the agricultural area and forms the basis of a strong ruminant livestock sector. Grassland also provides a broad range of services that are beneficial for man. In addition to the production of herbage for livestock, grassland plays a major role in, for example, the maintenance of biodiversity, carbon sequestration into soils, clean surface and ground water, and the provision of an attractive environment for recreation and leisure activities. The way grassland provides these services is increasingly being affected by large scale processes that are commonly summarized as "global change". Grassland farming, the intensity of management and utilization, and the production of goods and environmental services at a given site are strongly affected by global markets for tradable goods, by international societal developments, by worldwide and realtime information exchange, and, most importantly, by climate change. These factors are seriously challenging the functioning of grassland a

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