DUDERSTADT – The old town centre as a residential area –

a dream home in a timber frame house

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Verlagsauslieferung für den Prof. Hans Georg Näder Verlag durch Mecke Druck und Verlag, Duderstadt
Herausgeber DUDERSTADT2020 GmbH & Co. KG
Format 21 x 25 cm
Seitenumfang 24
Bindeart geheftete Broschur
Informationen 30 Bilder und Collagen
Erscheinungsort Duderstadt 2012


DUDERSTADT OLD TOWN CENTRE AS A RESIDENTIAL AREA A DREAM HOME IN A TIMBER FRAME HOUSE With this brochure, Duderstadt 2020 GmbH & Co. KG - an urban development initiative for Duderstadt - aims to awaken public curiosity in the historical town centre with its wonderful timber frame houses and to provide inspiration and ideas as to how these buildings can be developed and used in a contemporary manner. The descriptions and photos capture visions for dream homes in timber frame buildings in these exceptional surroundings. Let your imagination run free and join us on a journey through Duderstadt's historical town centre as a living environment! Foreword Dear readers, The buildings in a town or city and their respective architectural designs are each an expression of a particular period in history. However, the perceived gulf between historical timber frame buildings and current expectations as regards comfortable, attractive homes could hardly be bigger. The justifiable interest in preserving important pieces of cultural heritage runs up against demands for a modern livin

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  • DUDERSTADT  –  The old town centre as a residential area –
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