Eventful Times – A German Company History

Volume I: Otto Bock: Giving Our Best; Volume II: Max Näder: Challenges; Volume III: Maria Näder: Memories

Informationen über das Buch
Verlagsauslieferung für den Prof. Hans Georg Näder Verlag durch Mecke Druck und Verlag, Duderstadt
Herausgeber Hans Georg Näder
Format 23 x 27 cm
Seitenumfang 1020
Bindeart hardcover
Informationen Volume I through III in a slipcase
Erscheinungsort Duderstadt 2012


Overview of all titles published to date by Prof. Hans Georg Näder Verlag In three volumes, "Eventful Times" tells the exciting and moving story of a company and an entrepreneurial family, which has been dedicating itself to the task of improving the quality of life for people with limited mobility over the course of three generations. The company bears the name of its founder, the prosthetist Otto Bock, who developed a new concept for the fabrication of artificial limbs in 1919 in order to address the overwhelming orthopedic fitting challenges after World War I. Otto Bock's company, "Orthopädische Industrie" - which was first located in Berlin and later in Königsee, Thuringia - revolutionized an entire industry. Subsequent major turning points in the history of Germany during the 20th century - World War II, the occupation, German separation, reunification - had a major impact on the development of the company. It faced the varying epochal challenges with unremitting innovativeness, establishing technology milestones that have set global standards today.

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  • Eventful Times – A German Company History
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